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The paid consultation by a Rehabilitation Specialist includes

  • consultation;
  • development of an individual rehabilitation program for the recovery of disordered functions and improvement of quality of life;
  • application of various physical rehabilitation techniques, natural therapeutic agents (mineral waters, mud therapy) and methods of traditional Chinese medicine.


  • metabolic diseases (diabetes mellitus, obesity);
  • problems with joints and the spine;
  • postural disorders and scoliosis;
  • consequences of traumas;
  • conditions after joint replacement surgery;
  • chronic respiratory, cardiovascular or nervous diseases.

A rehabilitation specialist will make an individual rehabilitation program for you.

You should bring the following documents for the consultation: a detailed extract from the medical record, recent results of complete blood count and urinalysis; ECG, results of gynecological examination (for women), fluorography.

With us, you will no longer need crutches, you will become more tolerant to physical activities and will forget about problems with sleep. You will be in good mood and will feel good!

Irina V. Shulgina, higher qualification category Rehabilitation Specialist.

You may schedule a consultation in-person at the reception or by phone (017) 266 27 70, (029) 686 27 70, (029) 249 97 70.