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Medical abortion

A medical (pharmaceutical) abortion is the most effective and safe type of abortion used in case of early gestation (up to 42 days since the first day of the last period). This is a non-surgical method of abortion in which pharmaceutical medications (five hormonal pills) are used to evacuate the ovum from the uterus. No anesthesia and inpatient care is needed. A woman may decide to terminate an unplanned pregnancy (less than 6 weeks of gestation) by a medical abortion.

Advantages of Medical Abortion

  • high efficacy (85-98%).
  • low rate of complications (1-5%).
  • no anesthesia, no complications of anesthesia;
  • outpatient procedure;
  • no risk of HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, etc transmission;
  • high acceptability.

You need to schedule an appointment with a Gynecologist, the Chief of the Room of Gynecology. The Gynecologist will examine you and decide whether a medical abortion suits you.

The cost of the service is 196,97

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