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Corporate solutions

The Republican Center of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy State Institution offers you and your colleagues the corporate health care solutions.

The Center is one of the leading health care institutions in diagnosis of internal diseases and endocrine disorders. At our center you may also undergo the treatment with the help of natural health factors similar to the health resort treatment.

Why choose us? Choose us and benefit from:

 highly skillful medical specialists
state-of-art medical equipment
individual solutions
affordable prices

We offer medical treatment by well-trained and experienced specialists, advanced medical technologies and equipment. There are medical specialists of 20 different specialties in our team, so you may choose the one according to your needs or indications. We perform all types of ultrasound examinations, laboratory tests (over 200 types), function tests, endoscopic examinations, X-rays, including densitometry (early detection of osteoporosis), provide health resort treatment and other services.

The Republican Center of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy State Institution offers the following corporate solutions for you and your employees:

Short-Term Health Programs:

  1. A complete physical examination in accordance with a minimum physical examination for men program or a minimum physical examination for women program.
  2. A complete physical examination according to a Customer’s needs and wishes.
  3. Compulsory medical examinations of employees and execution of relevant documents (in accordance with Resolution N.47 as of 28.04.2010 of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Belarus).

Long-Term Health Programs:

  1. A complete physical examination (ultrasound examinations, laboratory tests, X-ray, endoscopic examinations, function tests, consultations with medical specialists).
  2. Annual health care programs for employees devised in accordance with a Customer’s requirements and needs.

Health Resort Treatment and Health Improvement Programs:

  1. Vouchers for health resort treatment and health improvement programs.

Visit us and we will show you or your representative around the center and answer your questions.

For more information contact us at the numbers below:

  • + 375 17369 87 94
  • + 375 44723 97 80
  • + 375 29736 48 07

Account Managers: Elena I. Karnitskaya, Inna A. Rudkovskaya

We provide the services under:

  • one-time contracts for medical examinations in accordance with a relevant program;
  • long-term contracts for diagnosis and treatment in accordance with medical indications
  • contracts for health resort treatment, health improvement programs or specific procedures.