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Appointment Schedule

You may schedule an appointment or a procedure (see below) for the next month


starting from the 1st day of the current month:

  • Endocrinologists (for adults);
  • Ultrasound examinations of the thyroid, organs of the abdominal cavity, puncture of the thyroid;
  • Neurologists, general practitioners, ENT specialists, urologist (V.V. Pastushenko), surgical oncologist;
  • Ophthalmologists;
  • Gynecologists;
  • Bone densitometry;
  • X-ray;
  • Endoscopic examinations (esophagogastroduodenoscopy, urea breath test). To schedule for colonoscopy, please, call us on (017) 369 99 67;
  • Underwater massage treatment;
  • Manual massage;
  • Magnetic laser therapy;
  • Superficial blood irradiation;
  • SPA procedures.


starting from the 5th day of month:

  • Phlebologist (A.A.Baeshko);
  • Ultrasound examinations of the heart and vessels.


starting from the 10th day of month:

  • Reproductive endocrinologist;
  • Endocrinologists (for children).


starting from the 20th day of month:

  • Urologist (D.T. Tarend);
  • Trauma and orthopedic surgeon;
  • Neurologist (E.A. Sushchenya);
  • Gastroenterologist;
  • Endocrinologists (L.S. Krasilnikova, O.V. Chernyash);
  • Phlebologists (A.L. Popchenko, Y.I. Kernozhitsky);
  • Rheumatologists;
  • Pulmonologist;
  • Proctologists;
  • Pediatrician;
  • Cardiologist;
  • Cosmetologists;
  • Dermatologists;
  • Reflexologists.


last Monday of month:

  • Electroencephalogram;
  • Electroneuromyography;
  • Rheoencephalography, rheovasography

If the day of the appointment is a day-off, the appointment shall be on the next working day.


Patients do not need to book ahead for the tests


Walk-in opening times:

Urinalysis                               8am to 11am                          Saturday: from 8am to 11am

Complete blood count            7.30am to 12pm                     Saturday: from 8am to 11am

Blood glucose                         7.30am to 12pm                     Saturday: from 8am to 11am

Biochemistry tests                           7.30am to 12pm                     Saturday: from 8am to 11am

Hormone tests                        7.30am to 12pm                     Saturday: from 8am to 11am

Glucose tolerance test             7.30am to 12pm                     Saturday: from 8am to 11am

Fasting before blood tests is required!


To schedule a semen analysis, please, call us on (017) 266 27 70, (029) 686 27 70, (029) 249 97 70.


How to prepare for the semen analysis:

  1. Avoid sex for 3 or 4 days;
  2. Avoid alcohol, including beer, for 7 days;
  3. Stop taking medications for 7 days;
  4. Masturbation is the preferred way to collect semen sample. Collect semen is a clean sample cup. Do not use a condom to collect semen, since the sperm quickly lose the motility;
  5. Ejaculate shall be delivered to the laboratory within 30 minutes.

The results of the semen analysis are available on the same day.